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Best Accessories for Apple iMac UK

Written by  Jul 09, 2017
Show your iMac some love with these awesome accessories available at Amazon UK.

Your all-in-one iMac is a feat of engineering, but unless you accessorise it properly, it's just a big TV on your desk. You'll need a kick-ass mouse, a great keyboard, some sweet speakers, and more.

Here are the best accessories to use with your iMac!

Logitech MX Master

Logitech MX Master

This may seem like an expensive choice, but we are talking about the best accessories for your iMac, and the MX Master is likely the best mouse you'll find. It's perfect for everyone, even gamers. Its ergonomic shape allows for prolonged use without the worry of carpal tunnel and though its shape may take some getting used to, once you do, you'll never go back.

The convenient thumb wheel is perfect for left/right navigation, and thanks to Logitech's "Dark field laser sensor", this mouse tracks anywhere — even on glass. You can connect it to your iMac via the included USB receiver or via Bluetooth for total wireless capability, and (depending on your use) the battery lasts up to 40 days.

If you're looking for a solid-feeling, ergonomic mouse that's perfect for navigating the large screen of your iMac, then definitely consider the Logitech Mx Master. If you're looking for a more classic mouse feel, then at least check out the MX Anywhere.

See at Amazon UK


Twelve South HiRise

Twelve South HiRise

Ergonomically speaking, the centre of your iMac's screen should be at eye-level when you're sitting (or standing, depending on your desk). For many folks, this may not be achievable with their current setup, and sitting your beautiful iMac atop old college textbooks probably isn't the prettiest way to raise it up.

With really quite an ingenious design, the Hi Rise from Twelve South lets you raise your iMac to one of six levels, using the removable shelf inside, and if you leave enough space, there's room to store an external hard drive or valuables, with an open faceplate for daisy chaining devices together. It sort of turns your all-in-one iMac into a monitor and tower (but the tower is way smaller than a regular one).

If your iMac isn't sitting high enough for you and if you like to keep your desk clean, while still taking full advantage of peripherals, then the HiRise is perfect for your setup.

See at Amazon UK


Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Magic Trackpad 2

If you find yourself yearning for the feel of a laptop on your iMac, then the Magic Trackpad 2 can help sooth your hatred for mice. The built-in battery can last up to a month on a single charge and the Trackpad brings Force Touch to iMac. You can click anywhere on the pad, and the four sensors detect subtle changes in pressure, so you're in for a more involved experience.

Not only does it work well, but the Magic Trackpad 2 is slick-looking, with with its edge-to-edge glass surface and low profile, making it a sexy addition to your desk. This Trackpad is 30% larger than the last, so you won't feel like you're running out of room while you're scrolling and swiping.

See at Amazon UK


Bose Companion 20

Bose Companion 20

If we're completely honest, I just used the built-in iMac speakers at my desk. They're enough for quiet music to keep me focused. However, if I wanted to watch movies, listen to intricate audio, or really just have a more immersive audio experience, I'd pick up a set of speakers, and I'd definitely go for the Bose Companion 20s. If you love Apple's design aesthetic, then the Companion 20 speakers will fit in nicely with their minimalist design. It's just a two-piece system with a sleek, round volume dial.

These speakers produce the well-balanced sound Bose is known for without the need for a subwoofer. So if space-saving is at the top of your list, but you don't want to sacrifice on sound quality, then the Bose Companion 20 speakers are definitely for.

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See at Amazon UK


Seagate 4TB Backup Plus

Seagate Backup Plus

Whether you like to store a ton of music and movies on an external hard drive or you need a tangible backup, the Seagate Backup Plus is a favourite, and it's even the Wirecutter's top pick. 4TB is a hell of a lot of storage space, and you'd be incredibly hard-pressed to fill it. If you're using it for backups, it's the perfect solution. And unless you have every movie every made, in 4K, I doubt you're gonna fill it that way.

The Backup Plus has a fast read speed of over 150 MB/s, and a quick write speed of over 135 MB/s. You don't need a power supply (it's USB-powered), it comes in four colors, and you get 200GB of free OneDrive cloud storage for 2 years.

If you need a backup or a place to store your media, then the Backup Plus from Seagate is a great solution. If 4TB is too much or not enough, it also comes in other storage sizes.

See at Amazon UK


Satechi USB 3.0 hub and card reader

Satechi USB hub and card reader

iMac's don't have a ton of USB ports, and the ones that are there are a bit awkward to reach when you're sitting down. You have to stand and tilt the monitor and fiddle with whatever you're plugging in. So grab yourself a USB hub, and while you're at it, make it one with an SD and microSD card reader. The Satechi hub is a perfect all-in-one solution to your port woes.

The hub features 3 USB 3.0 ports, an SD card reader, and a microSD card reader, and the design is perfect — the angle on which the hub sits is perfect for plugging in your USB peripherals without having to struggle to line things up properly. This hub is an excellently convenient addition to your setup. It also matches the Apple aesthetic perfectly.

See at Amazon UK


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones

If you're doing any type of professional audio/video editing or just really like your music to sound amazing, then the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones should be on your list. Yes, they are wired, but they come with a 10-foot cable, which stays well out of your way while you work.

These are hands-down the best headphones I've ever used and feature top-notch sound quality, with the best balance I've come across. The bass is more than present, but it by no means drowns out the rest of the mix. The high end is crisp and clean and the midrange is all there. With powerful drivers, these don't distort at high volumes (but you can actually feel the speaker move when you crank 'em).

These are considered professional headphones, but the reasonable price tag makes them quite affordable, and they honestly sound better than the Bose QC25 or QC35 (no joke).

The ATH-M50x headphones are also very comfortable. I wear mine all day, five days a week, and I've never had sore ears from them. They do get a little heavy by the end of the day, but only a little. The 3.5mm is proprietary, which is a bit of a strike against them, but the cables are easy enough to purchase from Audio-Technica.

If you're looking for excellent sound quality and don't want to pay through the nose, then these are the headphones you want.

See at Amazon UK

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What's your favourite iMac accessory? Anything we missed?

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